Resume Posting & Distribution

Resume Posting:

In Resume Posting Service, EXTRIUS Professional Recruiters will post your resume on any 4 job portals of your choice which are generally used by the employers & recruitment consultants.

While posting your resume we will highlight your major skills & achievements. The content will directly explain the candidate’s potential, emphasizing and directing the attention of the selector towards the abilities, skills and knowledge which will be highlighted with concrete examples based on previous experience or non-work experience (if you have never worked or have been outside the job market for a while).

Resume Distribution:

In Resume Distribution Service, your resume will be distributed only to those recruitment consultants who deal in the vacancies relevant to your present industry / preferred industry and your present functional area. No other consultants are providing such customized services.

At EXTRIUS, we have a methodology which continuously updates the list of recruitment consultants dealing in specific industry sectors and specific job levels.

Example: If you would be interested to get your resume forwarded only to the recruitment consultants dealing in Top Management positions and in some specific industry sector, then we will forward only to those relevant consultants.

We hate SPAM as much as you do, hence we will distribute your resume individually unlike other distributors who send a single lot of CV’s to the consultants.

At EXTRIUS we will distribute your resume in a customized manner. We will provide you the list of consultants to whom we have forwarded your resume, so that you can further follow-up with them. No other distributors would like to disclose these details.

We value your privacy and all information shared with us remains strictly confidential. Your phone number and e-mail are completely safe. We only use the information you give us to provide the service you purchased. No information is shared with any other party for any reason whatsoever.

Our steps are simple to get your resume shortlisted by the prospective employer

  • Place your order & make the payment.

  • Complete our exclusive Questionnaire.

  • You will receive personal attention from one of our professional recruiter.

  • Your resume will be posted on the job portals of your choice & distributed to the relevant consultants within 3 business days of making the payment.

Disclaimer: All services offered by EXTRIUS are strictly designed & meant only for job search assistance to maximize the chances for the jobseekers to get the dream job. We do not guarantee any job to any jobseeker.